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Stage School


The main basis of the Stage Schools is that children and young people should be able to attend classes where they learn something about the three main disciplines of singing, drama and dance, with opportunities to use this knowledge in productions for families, friends and the general public. Rather than simply staging productions where the cast learn specific scenes, songs and dance routines, John and Elissa want their students to develop skills which will take them from one production to the next, from one theatre group or company to another, and from being a hobby to further training or professional employment. Their classes are a balance between having fun and enjoying performing yet developing the kind of discipline needed for rehearsals and stage work. Time and again John and Elissa’s principles have been shown to be correct, as students have moved on to other courses, work or productions – always successfully.

There are very few “rules” for our students, however, we do have certain expectations!
We expect that our students will:
*attend class as frequently as possible, with any absences notified by an adult
*behave in a disciplined and courteous manner towards staff and other students
*dress appropriately
*give 100% commitment by learning lines/song words, practicing scenes/routines and carrying out whatever research or work is necessary to improve their own performance and skills


Starset Theatre opened a “Junior” class in September 2011, to give younger children a taste of the performing arts and a chance to start developing their talents in singing, drama and dance as well as the opportunity to gain valuable on-stage experience.  Children from 4 years old are welcome at the class, which takes place every Sunday morning, from 9-10am, at Boldon School. A second Junior class opened in January 2014, running every Saturday, also at Boldon School between 9-10am.

Because every child is different, developing at their own rate, there is no set age or time for them to move up to the main class, although we would normally expect that at around 8 years old a child will make a smooth transition to the main class.

Students at the Junior class are currently working on songs and movement from the show “Elf Jr” and will have featured appearances at all performances in December 2021.


Every year, Starset Theatre runs various “Holiday Workshops” during school holiday times, where new or potential students can come along to experience a little of what we do, without the commitment of attending weekly classes.

This is an opportunity for new or existing students to sing, act and dance for three or five days, before putting together everything they’ve learnt in a performance for family and friends.

Our popular “Summer School” runs for one full week, where children and young people attend all day, every day, Monday – Friday, 9.30 – 3.30, learning and developing their performance skills. There are usually two “Summer Schools” each year, each with different content, so that students can come to one or both weeks. A performance at 4pm gives everyone the chance to show what they can do!

In October half-term, Starset Theatre runs for three full days, Wednesday – Friday, 9.30 – 3.30, before performing on Friday tea-time to show off everything that’s been learnt! As the half-term usually coincides with Hallowe’en, this is often a spooky few days!!

Holiday workshop fees in 2021 are £60 for October half-term and £90 for the Summer week. A non-refundable deposit of £10 per person, per week is required to book a place.



Our fee structure for Starset Theatre’s stage schools is very simple.

  • We don’t ask you to pay a joining or audition fee – because our classes are available to all (subject to class numbers).
  • We don’t ask you to pay large amounts up-front, committing to a term or half-term in advance.
  • We don’t ask you to give notice that you intend to leave, or charge you for that period of time.
  • We don’t ask you to fund-raise on our behalf, by ‘bag-packing’, baking for cake stalls, attending social evenings etc.


Our fees are simple:

The weekly fee for the Junior class is £6

The weekly fee for the main Stage School classes is £18

We ask for half of that to be paid for any missed classes (ie £3.00 or £9.00)

REMEMBER….When you join Starset Theatre, there are no hidden costs!

You pay your class fee and NOTHING MORE!
All show costs such as music, lighting, sound, microphone hire, costumes, scenery etc etc are covered by Starset Theatre and John Hudson Music Productions Ltd.